Saturday, June 23, 2012

Too Funky: Supermodel Mayhem

1992 was the year fashion celebrated exaggerated glamour. Super models, Super divas, Super trannies and other assorted Super freeks all brought their most gorgeous game to the Mugler runway and walked for their life while George Michael multi tasks behind the camera and the track.

Madonna rides again!

Now that's how you make an entrance, boys and girls!
Madonna popularized mixing the culture of erotic fetishism into music & stage performances... and continues to be the only one who brilliantly melts the worlds of High Kink, High Fashion and High Art Direction.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ultimate Power-glamour forever...

Wonderful cropping that allows the viewer to linger and study the classic chic details of the unforgettable Mrs. C.Z. Guest by Bruce Weber. Her understated signature hairstyle instantly modernizes the ornate evening look.

Nightclubbing vampires

The chicest vampire film, ever: 1983's THE HUNGER.....for eternal  life as well as high style!
The stunning Miss Deneuve's icy beauty paired with the otherworldly, eerie Mr. Bowie makes for a provocative couple that are as seductively glamorous as they are dangerous. A sensational first feature film by Tony Scott who brought a  fresh, glossy style and updated the blood-thirsty living dead set....& perfectly captured that '80s NYC Mega Club scene  where eye contact spoke volumes and led to some very unpredictable situations...decades before the current 24/7 texting epidemic...where it seems everyone is hunting for a ''better offer".lol

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cartier Promotional clip

A mesmerizingly imagined and flawlessly executed promotional fantasy to celebrate the iconic jeweler's international heritage starring their trademark spotted panther. CGI used to romantic perfection making this P.R masterpiece as Big and as Grand as any movie. The director stated it was the first time a tropical jungle cat had been filmed running in real snow.

Title design for The Girl with the Dragon tattoo

A  fast moving dark thriller showcasing a stunningly clever and twisted modern heroin ( who goes from grungy, biker tomboy to stiletto heeled designer babe, as well as from female to male lovers, in a heartbeat).  The gloriously creepy, inky black title design captures the mood of the story perfectly.

Asian Allure Urban Style

My pal Kim Sales recently expressed his curiosity in my visual interpretation of Asian guys.
NYC, once again, is the ultimate inspiration for people watching and the explosion of the hyper style-conscious Asian population is impossible not to be inspired by. There is an innate understanding of fashion & attitude by the players of this small but unforgettable tribe.
The fusion of mixed martial arts, skateboard and hip hop cultures produces yet another genre of eye catching urban style....and a welcome departure from the usual Math & Science brainiac stereotype.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Opening title design: Se7en.

Fantastic title design only matched by one of the all time creepiest, darkest thrillers with some great unexpected surprises...a rare treat from Hollywood. Perfect casting and director choice.

Title Graphics and Sound Design

The campy horror film, unfortunately, doesn't match the quality of the provocative title design graphics.

Mr. Pitt as Mr. Durden

Mr. Pitt in character as Mr. Durden shows off  for Steven Klein....forever establishing the form it requires to be the star of Fight Club.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tyler Durden via Mr. Pitt.

One of Brad Pitt's greatest creations: TYLER DURDEN in Fight club.
Costumed by Michael Kaplan he's a one man party of clenched fists, twisted philosophy, a weakness for male bonding, a bloody nose  but rocking the most awesome urban-crazy-gangsta-chic EVER.

Melanie Fiona: It Kills Me....

Perfect casting for the role of the classic bad boy..... Xtra andsome hunk Adam Rodriguez of CSI Miami fame.

Justin and Scartlett reboot tragic drama directed by Nick Cassavettes

This love triangle needs to be developed into a full length feature...and much of it needs to be shot in that  grand retro club setting....

Pink wrecks it in Please don't leave me....

Pink has a ball goofing on "Misery"....Hollywood needs to feature her considerable talent on the big screen.

Pink performs Glitter in the an aeriel GODDESS!

A spectacular example of a beautifully choreographed performance and costume design showcasing the power of simplicity. Pink's in full command playing an Aeriel GODDESS.

Rick Owens' interview

One has to appreciate Rick Owens' absolute bluntness and honesty in stating who he is and going where he needed to go. Love his quote "I need old people who can make stuff"....that only works for someone like Rick who has all his ideas clearly defined and sorted out in his head...he doesn't need to have a team on payroll pumping ideas into his brand.

Tom Ford's Diva's

Tom Ford chose an intimate presentation to promote his return to fashion, hand picking his favorite super divas to bring his sensual chic point of view to life. He packed his shop with Industry A-listers and unleashed his delicious beauties while he read out loud, every detail of every look that was shown... in a charming nod to the 1950's. The seductive atmosphere of pure joy celebrating female power-glamour made for a very special, fresh fashion showing.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Charlize Theron for Dior

A limousine is only a car...and Miss Theron is only a woman..........J'adore Charlize!

Blonde braid + Black Jersey

Show off your swan neck with a tight high braid and drape yourself in slinky sheer silk jersey with peek-a-boo sides....adding a jolt of color with a sculpted crimson wedge.

Summer Shifts

Fight the summer heat with a white hot shift that sets off sculpted hair, snazzy clutches and killer heels. Party on!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Goude & Grace

The genius who crafted the public persona and art directed the visual presentation of Singer Grace Jones is a true original. They say timing is everything in life...and their moment to team up was the late '70's when disco decadence and sexual liberation ruled NYC. Mr. Goude brilliantly layered the hot button topics of social politics, beauty, fashion, fantasy, race and gay sexual liberation in his most iconic muse: the stunningly beautiful vamp...the outrageous Miss Grace Jones. Together they rebooted  the art of suggestive performance, camp & daring spectacle.

Thierry mugler spring 1988/ / Africana


Mr.Thierry  Mugler stages a spectacular runway fantasy celebrating his uniquely sensual vision of African Glamour starring a cast of Runway legends Iman, Katoucha, Amalia, Rebecca, Khadija, Anna and a very young Naomi. You can feel their enthusiasm in being transformed into a signature Mugler super-GODDESS.
It's also a glimpse into an era when fashion shows were as  precisely choreographed as any great dance performance. In the 21st century's FAST FASHION age when unimaginative fashion presentations last  mere minutes excluding the hours of waiting ...who has the time or money to support rehearsals? 
In the theatrical and festive 80's, fashion shows transported you to another spectacular planet of a creative designers' fevered it seems the stars of a fashion show are the pre-teen blogging queens texting on the front row!lol

Lagerfeld's "Tale of a Fairy" film for Chanel

Wanna see Mr.K.L's fantasy persona on film impersonated by model Miss Kristen McMenamy?
Sit back.... get comfy...and fasten your seat's gonna be a deliciously bumpy ride of glamorous self indulgence. Chanel Chic at it's most graphic....and amusing. It deserves to be made into a full length feature.

Cavalli...... MAN....


 Ultimate Bad Boy ( and Madonna's ex-boy-toy) Mr. Tony Ward plays in an Urban Garden of Eden to pitch juice for the sizzling house of Cavalli.    

Kate Moss for Bulgari


Miss Kate Moss at her most silky/classic/elegant...pitching Bulgari scent. The crisp editing is perfect in design.