Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Miss Moss for Playboy...& Miss Campbell sizzles for Newton.

Miss Moss brings Chic Sensuality to the pages of Playboy.

Kate makes Playboy cool again in the post feminist, post post ironic, lets have some cheeky fun again 21 century. Why NOT?lol She's certainly  not the controversial  Waif any

While Miss Campbell looks dangerously sexy for Helmut Newton /Vogue 1999.....ready to make anyone disappear with a phone call!lol

Monday, April 28, 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Red Carpet Show offs

Maybe it was Cher, back in the day, who turned up the heat on the Red Carpet for Press in her little black Bob Mackie Number...well the flood gates have opened even wider ( LITERALLY!) since.
Indiscreet displays of toned bodies and acres of Skin are where the battle lines get drawn among the Red Carpet Divas and their fans. No one can point the finger as Singers, Actresses, Models & assorted press junkies all jump in and pray there is no wardrobe malfunction in front of a global  audience of zillions....especially with at least 10 "red carpet" events scheduled every night of the year around the world, there is plenty of business for Chiffon Peek-a-Boo....until Cher makes an entrance in a proper tweed Chanel Suit!
Stay Tuned!lol

Stars In Eye-Searing Sequins Shimmer & Shine At The Latin Grammys