Tuesday, July 30, 2013


A perfect example of Rustic Chic high up in the Peruvian rain forest.
Waking up to greet the sun while birdsongs fills the fresh morning air.

Monday, July 29, 2013

UFC Gods

Boys being Boys...testing their strength and technique to land on Top. To Dominate. To Win.

Summer Garden Boy-nymph

Keeping those Greek myths alive and well, courtesy of Dolce and Gabanna.

Hans Feurer for Vogue China

Vogue China, Hans Feurer, Heathermary Jackson, Georgina Graham, Ward, Xiao Wen
Classic Hans Feurer summer beauty shot of flawless skin, perfect features and a refreshing  sun shower.

Summer Beauty Foot

The allure of a bronzed, wet foot dressed in gold polish and an ankle ornament.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Girls Gone Wild

A still from THE EYES OF LAURA MARS, the quintessential fashion movie capturing the dark and dangerous ( yet erotic and glamorous) mood of New York City of 1978 (think Studio 54 in daylight!), waaaay before it got Disney-fied post 9/11. The very chic Faye Dunaway plays the protagonist, a Fashion Photographer named Laura Mars opposite Hot-Cop Tommy Lee Jones.

Miss Grace Jones

The legendary , the one and only, Miss Grace Jones performs a song from her HURRICANE cd titled DEVIL IN MY LIFE....and is as fresh, bold and as atmospheric as ever.....forever original and flawless.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stewie Griffin

The all time funniest,smartest, sassiest, most wicked cartoon character ( since Bugs Bunny) with the best one-liners and come backs, ever. Sheer Genius on the part of Seth MacFarlane!

Goofy Guys Dancing at home

There is nothing more amusing than goofy guys dancing and having fun with great enthusiasm, spontaneity and a (charming !) complete lack of self consciousness.

Neon Trees ROCKS!

This 2009 track (went platinum in 2011) takes me back to dancing at Danceteria and Boy Bar in the colorful and "carefree" 80's. It also proves how most Music and Fashion will never stop referencing the past.
It's all about the power of nostalgia....which is all about memory....which is all we have in the end.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gaultier Glamour Fall 13

JPG brings back the Entrance Making, Statement Making, Bold Glamour of the Over the Top 80's (with a strong dose of YSL DNA) in this Fabulous/Horrible (but delightfully Old School) Collection....with a wink!

BBOY CLOUD's magic

Breakdancing has got to be the most masculine dance style of all time. It  accentuates every natural
line, shape, angle, energy, humor, athletic skill, aggression and vitality that defines the spirit of a young, streetwise man. BBOY CLOUD was born to conquer this genre and has taken it on tour for Madonna.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Big Game Hunting.....

Camera-shy Exhibitionists ( WTF!?) who despise paparazzi should opt for PRIVATE jet travel and keep their very short fuse in check. If traveling publicly, they should give the cameras an academy award performance of RESTRAINT and POISE till they are wisked into their Limos. These days the deadly Vulture-like Paparazzi will do ANYTHING  to provoke an ATTACK, resulting in a clip worth millions. It's Big Game Hunting in the Urban Jungle filled with extra messy, bipolar, over medicated & pathetically out of control celebs, self proclaimed and otherwise. The whole culture of Stars and the Press has lost all it's glamour and dignity. It's become a race about who can get the quickest HD pic of a Star at their very,very worst,most unfortunate & ugliest moment.
On the other hand, the sound of those smashing cameras was AWESOME!lol

Logo Madness gets trashed

A fake LV monogram garbage bag says it all about the hunger for iconic designer brand obsession.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rick & Michelle's fantasy Son....

Nils Butler
Only Carrine Roitfeld's Paris Vogue would have the bold chic to let Steven Klein shoot an editorial of what could possibly the fantasy son of Rick Owens and Michelle Lamy....sitting on Daddy's unique chair, wearing Mommy's special bangles!lol

Rick and Michelle

An extraordinary partnership of creativity, inspiration and unity.

Rick Owens celebrates Beauty

Artistic signatures only become iconic through repetition of form, color, style, mood & passionate COMMITMENT.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rick Owens' Unique Paris Pad

I am continually inspired by the singular, absolute aesthetic that gets the blood/racing pulsing thru Rick Owens veins.
He directed this space to be stripped down to the bare concrete structure and moved right in!lol
He has never been at a loss of what turns him on.....and  goes there, repeatedly. Physically realizing his deep inner longings.
Washed in natural light, the brutally raw, dangerously rough surfaces in sharp, (self conscious) contrast to the extra smooth, polished and precise details with touches of animal physiology makes for a unique, monastic, spare set  to inspire his future visions and energize his productivity.
 In  the end, he always establishes an air of dark erotic glamour and luxe inspite of his contradictions....in his collections & his interiors.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Brush stroke of a genius

American artist John Singer Sargent  has no equal in his mastery of capturing the blazing sun, hot wind and  cool, soothing shadows of summer in a few confident brush strokes.
 His show of watercolors painted on locations across Europe (over a hundred years ago) feel like they were visited yesterday and allows us to emotionally enter the atmosphere he was able to capture for prosperity. His eye for grand and idealized aesthetics also sets him apart from his contemporaries. Enjoy his vision and fantastic skill with a brush at the Brooklyn Museum this summer.

El Anatsui's Exhibit

The monumental ( mind bogglingly labor intensive) sculptures by Nigerian Contemporary Artist  Anatsui are a site to behold. Working with discarded and found plastic and metal packaging, millions of  tiny bottle caps and such are linked together to form these huge, shimmery, soft, drapey works with a painter's sensitivity to color, a sculptor's sensitivity to textures and a graphic designer's sensitivity to pattern and repetition of form.
Recycled/re-appropriated art has never been this rich in it's originality. 
Run to catch it at the Brooklyn museum this summer...and be inspired & amazed. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Madonna dishes, with glee.

Cynthia Mcfadden's playful and dishy chat with Madonna is always fun to watch, especially since Madonna is at her most interesting & fun being "her ( feisty & fabulous) SELF", answering questions prying into the details of her private life."Madonna" is Madonna's greatest creation....
Not since Desperately Seeking Susan has she played a character as believable and as lovable.
At this point, Lady Gaga has created her own performance look-n-style-n-sound and does stand apart, whereas the rest of the emerging Pop Queens have have clearly been inspired by the original Material Girl much more obviously.
They do, however,overlap in Gaga's public stance on fighting for the rights of the LGBT community, clearly supporting Madonna's politics.
What is it with musically talented Italian girls raised with Inflexible Church Values that gets them to deviate, so entertainingly ( and profitably!!!)? Suffering, all the way...to.... the.... BANK!lol

Friday, July 5, 2013

Madonna styles W.E.

The most amusing part of this video is seeing Madonna costumed as The Director/Stylist: disheveled with glasses, Tres (nerd) CHIC !lol   Style is just in her DNA.....the director/stylist can't help it.lol

Madonna and her Bull Fighter

Madonna's lush &cinematic visualization of a romance. Casting a classically handsome REAL Bull Fighter instead of an actor (model/dancer/waiter/dog walker/pool boy/personal "trainer"-life coach/whatever) elevates the fantasy. Her eye for Male Beauty rarely misses.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cher remix Summer 2013 Anthem

Still sounding like she's got a mouthful of marbles, but trademarks are trademarks,,,,and most importantly, that special Cher SWAGGER is fully intact and the audience is eating it up!

Helicopter Hero Michael Campbell

One can never predict what the Media's cameras will reveal once they edit the footage of the stories emerging every minute from around the planet. Many shy & assuming people just performing jobs they're trained for end up being celebrated as heros....as in this case of  Pilot ,Michael Campbell.

Helen Vamps it up in Bollywood's Caravan 1971.

Quite possibly the precise moment in Bollywood History when millions of little boys all over Asia (who got to watch this film, Caravan, in 1971), upon watching Helen Vamp it up on screen (with joyful abandon) realized their inner, private "identity".LOL  And life suddenly, miraculously,came into complete focus & clarity.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Brad Pit saves the human race

Having no interest in Silly Zombie Flicks whatsoever, I saw World War Z by simply putting my faith that Brad Pitt's taste would not let me down...and he didn't.
It was a fast paced, sharply edited piece of adrenaline packed roller-coaster ride on a dreary Monday Night...with enough suspense over a mysterious global disaster threatening the complete decimation of human life.
It's a run for your life drama, time bomb ticking drama, family in peril drama, virus spreading drama,everyone is at risk drama. One message was about hit the gym and stay your fittest cause you WILL have to outrun the super humanly fast and vicious foe. The other was about everyone sharing  information to protect each other globally. Another was create communication technology that doesn't rely of batteries that die at the worst possible time...or ever. Well, I guess with that tension, movie-drama would cease to exist!
The weakest moments of all were, of course,the extra-cheezy close ups of those silly, silly Z's...like all horrific fantasies, it's best left blurry, out of focus and  vaguely suggestive. We, the audience are very good at imagining our worst nightmares.

Hero Helicopter Pilot Michael Campbell

In a culture starving for Heros to believe in (because so many have surrendered to human frailties and disappointed the masses), it's particularly amusing when a humble 22 year old Helicopter Pilot has the good luck and skill to successfully prevent disaster....and has the strikingly hyper-masculine looks of a "super hero".
How long will it take before a savvy designer brand scoops him up and talks him into being the face for their product?lol
Question is...will Mr. Campbell take the bait? (All proceeds going to his fav charity of course!)