Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rick Owens' Unique Paris Pad

I am continually inspired by the singular, absolute aesthetic that gets the blood/racing pulsing thru Rick Owens veins.
He directed this space to be stripped down to the bare concrete structure and moved right in!lol
He has never been at a loss of what turns him on.....and  goes there, repeatedly. Physically realizing his deep inner longings.
Washed in natural light, the brutally raw, dangerously rough surfaces in sharp, (self conscious) contrast to the extra smooth, polished and precise details with touches of animal physiology makes for a unique, monastic, spare set  to inspire his future visions and energize his productivity.
 In  the end, he always establishes an air of dark erotic glamour and luxe inspite of his his collections & his interiors.

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