Saturday, July 20, 2013

Big Game Hunting.....

Camera-shy Exhibitionists ( WTF!?) who despise paparazzi should opt for PRIVATE jet travel and keep their very short fuse in check. If traveling publicly, they should give the cameras an academy award performance of RESTRAINT and POISE till they are wisked into their Limos. These days the deadly Vulture-like Paparazzi will do ANYTHING  to provoke an ATTACK, resulting in a clip worth millions. It's Big Game Hunting in the Urban Jungle filled with extra messy, bipolar, over medicated & pathetically out of control celebs, self proclaimed and otherwise. The whole culture of Stars and the Press has lost all it's glamour and dignity. It's become a race about who can get the quickest HD pic of a Star at their very,very worst,most unfortunate & ugliest moment.
On the other hand, the sound of those smashing cameras was AWESOME!lol

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