Monday, July 1, 2013

Brad Pit saves the human race

Having no interest in Silly Zombie Flicks whatsoever, I saw World War Z by simply putting my faith that Brad Pitt's taste would not let me down...and he didn't.
It was a fast paced, sharply edited piece of adrenaline packed roller-coaster ride on a dreary Monday Night...with enough suspense over a mysterious global disaster threatening the complete decimation of human life.
It's a run for your life drama, time bomb ticking drama, family in peril drama, virus spreading drama,everyone is at risk drama. One message was about hit the gym and stay your fittest cause you WILL have to outrun the super humanly fast and vicious foe. The other was about everyone sharing  information to protect each other globally. Another was create communication technology that doesn't rely of batteries that die at the worst possible time...or ever. Well, I guess with that tension, movie-drama would cease to exist!
The weakest moments of all were, of course,the extra-cheezy close ups of those silly, silly Z' all horrific fantasies, it's best left blurry, out of focus and  vaguely suggestive. We, the audience are very good at imagining our worst nightmares.

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