Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Kiss of Life 1967

Photographer  ROCCO MORABITO shot this deceptively provocative image in 1967 that won him a Pulitzer Prize. The simple truth of his shot is one utility line worker performing mouth to mouth resuscitation to another who had lost consciousness due to being shocked by a high voltage wire. Giving his fellow man the Breath of Life.
Truth is always more interesting, intriguing and often, more beautiful, than fiction. High Voltage, indeed.

Man and the Sea

Photographer Bruce Weber and Designer Giorgio Armani  team up to celebrate Man, the Sea (and air bubbles!) to a mesmerizing soundtrack. 

The Craft of Couture at Chanel

Zillions of micro details hand applied with utmost care to create that glorious couture magic at Chanel.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Steven Klein's Fall '13 images.

The freshest ad from the Big Sept issues this fall, 2013, shot by Steven Klein, the fashion photographer with the darkest, most subversive. fantasy editorials.
Back to the CONVENT, with a glamorous edge......beautiful hands and a poetic sleeve.
Love/Lust knows no bounds according to this shot by Steven Klein for Sept '13 INTERVIEW.
Inspired perhaps by John Water's muse, the monstrously super fabulous, Divine.

Ladies and Gentlemen,,,,,,,Divine!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bora Bora

A Spanish Guitar remix of an American Classic with a French Polynesian luxury resort as the visual is a unique Global  Fantasy moment...a perfect, grit free setting begging for some JAMES BOND action to bring it to LIFE!lol

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nicki-N- Madonna (4 now)...

Material Girls (who will never be played by a boy) UNITE!lol
Madonna's true talent may very well be her ability to recognize & snap up the latest hot-young-thing in the music scene and collaborate with them before their expiration date is up!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Robin Thicke tears it up with Pharrell and T.I .

R&B singer Robin Thicke rolls it out live with Pharrell and T.I. at the BET awards.
Hey Hey Hey to Summer 2013! Pit Bull needs to jump all over this and Timberlake better look out!lol

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Al Pacino Cruises in 1980.

In the controversial 1980 film CRUISING, Al Pacino plays a  cop who goes undercover into the hyper macho-fetish leather scene to investigate a  serial killer targeting gay men. In that process he confronts his own sexual identity. Mr. Pacino has been fearless in taking on controversial roles and has a unique ability to disappear into his characters. Unlike today where it seems every macho straight mega star (excluding Mr. Cruise, of course) wants to play gay onscreen....
His portrayal of  a ruthlessly ambitious/self-indulgent/self-destructive Cuban refugee who brutally earns the crown to become Miami  Drug King, Tony Montana, in SCARFACE, is legendary.
A character as Dangerous, Delusional and Damaged...(as he is handsome), continues to be celebrated on hot selling T-Shirts, tattooed on muscles and airbrushed on walls around the world....he created an unforgettable, mythic icon.

Bollywood Goddess

Actress Sharmila Tagore was the gold standard for beauty, charm and talent in Bollywood during the 60's and 70's. She could portray just about every type of female persona with the change of costume, hair and make-up. Playing a simple village girl or nightclubbing Vamp, Miss Tagore was always convincing on screen.
The first Indian actress to appear in a bikini onsceen, she was quite the scandal, especially since she came from a well respected, educated family and later ended up marrying into an aristocratic dynasty...making her a real modern Royal......kinda like Grace Kelly.
Gorgeous, talented, smart girls from established families who rebel  always fascinate & inspire....

Urban Zen Designer


Bessie Afnaim's work as a Parsons grad was a natural fit for the special global gallery of apparel and accessories created by Donna Karan to showcase the work of hand-craft artisans from around the world.
Urban Zen is often Donna Karan's ultra chic and sophisticated lifestyle into evening/evening into day. Easy layers of jerseys that have multiple ways of being worn that show off bits of sensual skin as you move and is the perfect canvas to showcase bold, fantasy-sized tribal necklaces made of horn, metals, fabrics, glass, woods and leather....often in ebony black.
Urban Zen is a special source of inspiration for anyone who admires an African and Asian approach to clothing and ornamentation. Hand crafted textiles, sensual drape and inventive cuts that are unique and celebrate age old techniques and aesthetic philosophy that have been refined through generations. Go & touch it for your selves.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

GRRRRL-Toy to the stars!

90's ultimate androgynous fantasy, CK1-model  Jenny Shimizu, has played GRRRRRRL-TOY to both Madonna and Angelina Jolie ( perhaps not at the same time! her a notorious legend in her own time. Perfect example of  out-of-the-blue opportunity meeting hidden ambition...& BOOM!
Not bad for a gal who started off repairing Motorcycles in Cali.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

CNN anchor Don Lemon steps OUT!

Mr. Lemon walks the walks and certainly talks the talk.

His looks are just a bonus. Check out his clips on Race in America.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Indian Sadhu Style

The holy men of India's extreme footwear would certainly amuse the brilliantly twisted imagination of Couturier Alexander McQueen.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Dazzling Mrs. Kennedy's own voice & memories.

The Kennedy's reformatted the role of first couple, creating the sparkling myth of Camelot.
Mrs. Kennedy's unique beauty, classic understated style and polished sophistication raised the bar on being elegant and worldly. Not the least of her charms was her rebellious streak in how she broke free from that High Society straightjacket!There will never be another quite like her...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Poolside chic

Slim Aaron's 1970 shot of pool side fabulosity is evidence of his mastery of capturing the American lux life.
Inspiring immigrants to reach for the stars & live the American dream.

Halston & Liza, together forever... in needlepoint.

Home decor darling Jonathan Adler taps into the Warhol spirit by splashing iconic celeb portraits as eye this case, needle pointed on pillows to liven up a slow cocktail party...and a reminder of the sizzle of Studio 54.
 Halston created a look for (his muse) Liza that suited her imperfect looks and figure perfectly, and became her iconic style...on stage and off.
The spark/magic between visual artist and muse has produced legendary, iconic work that they were unable to create with anyone else.
Bob Mackie & Cher
Barry Gordy & Diana Ross
Hubert Givenchy & Audrey Hepburn
Tom Ford & Carine Roitfeld
Yves Saint Laurent & Betty Catroux/Lou Lou de la Falaise
Jean Paul Goude & Grace Jones
David Bailey & Marie Helvin
Stephen Sprouse & Terry Toye
Peter Beard & Iman
Bruce Weber  & Peter Johnson
Steven Meisel  & Linda Evangelista
Kenneth Paul Block &  Babe Paley
Diana Vreeland & Verushka
Richard Avedon & Lauren Hutton
Christian Laroix & Katoucha
Martin Scorsese & Robert DeNiro
Antonio Lopez & Jerry Hall
Helmut Newton & Jerry Hall
Thierry Mugler & Jerry Hall!lol

The Artist/Mentor has to be extraordinarily inspired by his muse and the muse has to be a larger than life  female ( or male) archetype and uniquely beautiful/handsome.....and most importantly completely surrender to the will of the Artist. It's often a love/lust affair verging on obsession.

Calvin Klein vs Halston: Engineering Image

The 1979 Bruce Weber portrait that helped build the Calvin Klein empire.
Masculine allure, Male narcissism and  Men displayed as Objects of Erotic Desire with a strong emphasis on Health and Sports was the mood of the early 80's.
The gay culture found a visual focus and lived, and looked, like the Calvin Klein fantasy.
Flower power hippie boys were out. Gym toned jocks were in...and more importantly, "OUT"!lol
Look at the gym obsessed culture of today, Mr. Klein was well ahead of the toned hordes....
As a result of all the gym bodies, the men's underwear business found it's market and has only grown and expanded ( so to speak!). Lesson: Human Culture leads Fashion to keep up.

All this physical vitality contrasted sharply with Halston's public image of drug fueled decadence after dark in NYC during the late  70's..
It was all about black turtlenecks, sunglasses and cigarettes....crystal ashtrays and orchids.
Designers became celebs and it moved merchandise like never before. The sport of image building had begun. Press agents fed the gossip hungry public an all you can eat fashion buffet, and they loved it.