Thursday, August 1, 2013

Calvin Klein vs Halston: Engineering Image

The 1979 Bruce Weber portrait that helped build the Calvin Klein empire.
Masculine allure, Male narcissism and  Men displayed as Objects of Erotic Desire with a strong emphasis on Health and Sports was the mood of the early 80's.
The gay culture found a visual focus and lived, and looked, like the Calvin Klein fantasy.
Flower power hippie boys were out. Gym toned jocks were in...and more importantly, "OUT"!lol
Look at the gym obsessed culture of today, Mr. Klein was well ahead of the toned hordes....
As a result of all the gym bodies, the men's underwear business found it's market and has only grown and expanded ( so to speak!). Lesson: Human Culture leads Fashion to keep up.

All this physical vitality contrasted sharply with Halston's public image of drug fueled decadence after dark in NYC during the late  70's..
It was all about black turtlenecks, sunglasses and cigarettes....crystal ashtrays and orchids.
Designers became celebs and it moved merchandise like never before. The sport of image building had begun. Press agents fed the gossip hungry public an all you can eat fashion buffet, and they loved it.

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