Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Al Pacino Cruises in 1980.

In the controversial 1980 film CRUISING, Al Pacino plays a  cop who goes undercover into the hyper macho-fetish leather scene to investigate a  serial killer targeting gay men. In that process he confronts his own sexual identity. Mr. Pacino has been fearless in taking on controversial roles and has a unique ability to disappear into his characters. Unlike today where it seems every macho straight mega star (excluding Mr. Cruise, of course) wants to play gay onscreen....
His portrayal of  a ruthlessly ambitious/self-indulgent/self-destructive Cuban refugee who brutally earns the crown to become Miami  Drug King, Tony Montana, in SCARFACE, is legendary.
A character as Dangerous, Delusional and Damaged...(as he is handsome), continues to be celebrated on hot selling T-Shirts, tattooed on muscles and airbrushed on walls around the world....he created an unforgettable, mythic icon.

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