Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Urban Zen Designer


Bessie Afnaim's work as a Parsons grad was a natural fit for the special global gallery of apparel and accessories created by Donna Karan to showcase the work of hand-craft artisans from around the world.
Urban Zen is often Donna Karan's ultra chic and sophisticated lifestyle into evening/evening into day. Easy layers of jerseys that have multiple ways of being worn that show off bits of sensual skin as you move and is the perfect canvas to showcase bold, fantasy-sized tribal necklaces made of horn, metals, fabrics, glass, woods and leather....often in ebony black.
Urban Zen is a special source of inspiration for anyone who admires an African and Asian approach to clothing and ornamentation. Hand crafted textiles, sensual drape and inventive cuts that are unique and celebrate age old techniques and aesthetic philosophy that have been refined through generations. Go & touch it for your selves.

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