Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bruce Weber dream boy Peter Johnson

Bruce Weber discovery and muse Peter Johnson at play. A flawless collaboration between a visionary and subject.

Tina Turns it OUT!

Reminds me of my many road trips with Trucker John back in the day.....One should criss cross the country by road, at least once, to get the REAL American experience.....and have plenty of Tina Turner on the soundtrack to pass the endless miles of country......

Cowboys in Love

Ang Lee's masterwork of raw emotion exploring desire, truth and life's surprises and tragedies.
Wonder what Rock Hudson would think of all these straight superstars embracing roles in gay love stories.
How times change...

Friday, February 22, 2013

RARE Helmut Newton Commercial

Only Helmut Newton could make 47 seconds of film this dramatic, provocative and stylish.
This clip is a very rare piece of  motion picture he shot for an Italian  Zipper company in the late 80's.
It contains all of his iconic trademarks.....just wish he had shot more film, but his first love was still imagery.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rehka in Umrao Jaan

 Bollywood beauty Rekha danced her way to icon status in 1981's Umrao Jaan, the melodramatic life story of a famous Lucknow Courtesan, Amiran. A role she was clearly born to bring to life on screen with her perfectly symmetrical, doll-like looks and elegant grace . The Urdu novel was written in 1905 by Mirza Hadi Ruswa and the song was sung by Bollywood legend, playback singer, Asha Bhosle.

Chanel channels Royal India

The House of Chanel imagines the lush, opulent life of Aristocratic Royal India featuring a fantasy mile long silver and crystal buffet bedecked to the hilt for a Couture Maharani. Wonder if a single piece was ordered by a single Indian Couture customer.
Unfortunately, under all the spectacular estate jewelry and the stunning set, the clothes couldn't be more uninspired to banal. Absurdly ironic also to present underfed models strolling next to tables loaded with goodies!LOL

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Galliano's brilliant audacity & sassy wit

Only the imagination and wicked wit of a Galliano could produce a couture show mixing his severely elegant suiting and frothy ball gowns for Dior with a lady's unmentionables. Those seriously skinny models impersonating super Haute ladies slinking around in their couture slips, garters, bras and panties made for a rather cheeky presentation....no? The Empresses' New Clothes perhaps?

Selina's Ultimate make over into Catwoman

The best Catwoman since Miss Kitt......the sharpest claws and even sharper, one liners!

Daniel Day Lewis' Gay Johnny loves Omar.

Waaaaaay before (Method Master) Daniel Day Lewis wowed audiences as Abraham Lincoln, he brought the English Streetwise Gay Punk Johnny to 1985's silver screen in the playfully romantic,My Beautiful Laundrette. An interracial gay love story set within the homophobic Pakistani community in England. The handsome lovers,Tough Johnny and Elegant Omar's natural masculinity was a refreshingly bold step in portraying young gay men without any trace of drag( No boas & heels!) or kink ( No leather & chains!).
With all of Mr. DeNiro's  "method", I can't imagine him ever taking on a role such as this.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baby & Buster at play.

The human experience doesn't get much cuter than this moment of a baby and a very loving and patient dog,      Buster, sharing a fuzzy Nemo toy.

The Divine Mahogany

Somewhere between Josephine Baker and Beyonce there was a Supremely Ambitious & Spirited Beauty known as Miss Ross. A diva born to dazzle and entertain millions and in the bargain, promoted the special allure of Black American Style, Glamour and Beauty to a global audience hungry for images of Beautiful Blackness.

Tracey Ullman as Donna Karan

Brilliant....& Heee-larious!

Horrific Beauty Extremes

Photographer Steven Meisel continues to address the complexities of Beauty and Fashion issues in the 21 century with provocative & challenging imagery for Italian Vogue.
This clip explores  the obsession with trying to have the "perfect" face starring model Carolyn Murphy dressed in latex, wearing a "beauty mask" and frolicking with her four legged friends.
A lesson in Beauty Fetish gone straight to Perverse Horror.