Thursday, March 22, 2012

Laura Mars photoshoot

A brilliant and iconic film set in New York's Dangerously sexy Disco era combining the daring photographs of Vogue's original bad boy visionary, Helmut Newton, the lusty, excessive energy of Studio 54 era Manhattan, the stiletto heeled chic of Faye Dunaway and the macho, raw sexiness of Tommy Lee Jones.
The story spins around the controversially provocative high-fashion photographs shot by the infamous fashion photographer Laura Mars ( played by Dunaway & looking as hot as the models!) and her murderous premonitions.
Casting the actual Vogue models, like the athletic 70's natural beauty and Newton favorite, Lisa Taylor, (and hair and makeup artists who actually worked on those racy fashion photos of that time) makes it totally authentic.
A sensational thriller that captures that spirit of wild erotic abandon which the high fashion world was totally lost in during those few years . To witness the outrageous photo-shoot sequences of gorgeous lingerie-clad super models cat-fighting in front of burning cars, models or posing in evening glamour aiming pistols at (tuxedo clad) male models in fantasy sets the mood of what fashion editors were into that time.

Currently, Steven Klein shoots the most inspired versions of this kind of dark fantasy which he regularly brings to the pages of Vogue...celebrating the lifestyle of a strong, independent, willfully modern woman not afraid of thinking ( & living) outside of mainstream, 'safe', politically and socially correct values.

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