Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christy Turlington: Beauty with Heart.

Cover Girl: Christy Turlington's Best Bazaar Covers
A fresh, gorgeous Spring 1988 cover spotlighting the classic doe-eyed beauty, activist, yogini & educator.

The 21 century ROLE model: Speaking out on women's health issues in developing countries. Using her celebrity in a non-self indulgent/self destructive way...and still continuing to work in front of the cameras, creating images of aspirational beauty and being married to an  Awesome Hottie: Bravo to that!lol

Miss Turlington can pose elegantly as an Icy French Couture Diva or an earthy working class woman on laundry day or impersonating Timeless-Icon Audrey Hepburn for Steven Meisel with equal ease, charm and grace. Who says Modeling isn't ACTING!?lol

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