Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cher's Disco Inferno

Cher captured the Disco phenomenon in this skit from her variety show in the late 70's. The 9-5ers toiled in their dreary jobs waiting for the weekend so they could embrace their inner dance divas/party animals on those lit up dance floors at their local discos. Shows like this fueled my teen imagination about my future life in the Sexy Big Juicy Apple of the 80's when dance clubs were a huge part of the after dark scene. I feel lucky to have indulged in the legendary NYC Club Scene of that era.That kind of vibrant, sensual, festive social activity completely died with the birth of the 21 century and the personal electronic communication system. Now people seem extremely uncomfortable looking into other peoples faces & eyes and prefer texting to  It's a brave new world indeed.

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