Monday, May 12, 2014


 NBC's useless remake of  Rosemary's Baby ( aired May 11) was as dull & pointless as most everyone expected. It was an instantly forgettable first part of a two part miniseries shot in Paris featuring a totally bland cast and an unimaginative director who has absolutely no talent for mystery, suspense, tension or subtlety. The lead female could not possibly have less charisma and personality which was disappointing since it was crucial the audience care about her safety and welfare to ride the movie's tension. Unfortunately, in this fiasco, you were just bored and couldn't care less what happened to her, or anyone else.
There are pop music videos with more dramatic intrigue!lol

Roman Polanski /Robert Evans' 1968 Masterpiece (supported by a brilliant A list cast) is a classic exercise in horrific terror & dread, often rated by most serious ( smart!) horror film buffs as a favorite. Mia Farrow and Ruth Gordon are pure genius onscreen. Manhattan has never felt creepier on film. John Cassavettes as wicked as he is handsome.

The timeless concept of people making a pact with the "devil" for pure greed,self promotion and blind ambition is as alive today as ever in human history....just look a city this over crowded with unscrupulous egomaniacle narcissists, it's in constant "play".lol

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