Monday, June 23, 2014

Jane Fonda's Fashion History

Jane Fonda's Movie Star images kicked off as Classic Sweet Ingenue in the late 50's early 60's. She then evolved into a Space Age Sex Kitten in the infamous Barbarella. The gritty 70's turned her into an Anti-War Activist and Enlightened Feminist. Next she pioneered the fitness culture with her home workout Video tapes which resulted in her famous toned body. Marrying billionaire Ted Turner in the 80's she left Hollywood to play a glamorous trophy wife in real life. After that marriage was over and with a fresh iconic haircut, she returned to the silver screen, TV interviews, fashion editorials and the red carpet looking more gorgeous and energetic than ever. Her many looks ( and hair styles!) have reflected women's roles in culture and society as accurately as Vogue. Her disciplined diet and exercise routine as rewarded her with an enviable figure to dazzle on the Red Carpet into her 70's!
Her charity based in Atlanta, GCAPP, helps teens and young mothers transition into a healthier lifestyle and educates them to achieve a brighter future. Go DIVA!lol

Walk On The Wild Side, Jane Fonda, 1962 Photograph

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