Saturday, May 23, 2015

Oprah & Lady Gaga: Behind the Theatrics

Having been an 80's Art student, Madonna will forever be the girl who captured my era in terms of her performance art, music and politics.
Therefore , not being Gaga's star struck little monster, I didn't pay much attention to her story....until she opened up to Oprah. She was clearly meant to succeed due to her raw talent, formidable passion and strong, supportive family.
One has to admire her honesty, guts and ambition to help those in need with her talent by using her public platform to raise awareness regarding the destructive culture of Bullies and Victims.
It's not surprising she seeks a traditional private life to balance her fantasy stage work.
It's certainly more interesting than becoming yet another  Egomaniacal, Self  Destructive Star, lost in Self Indulgence and Escapism (as a  hostile, cynical public looks on passing judgement without knowing the truth).

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