Saturday, June 8, 2013

Love & loss in Versailles,via Vegas.

It's that same old cliche' of two damaged souls from the opposite ends of life's spectrum (in age, economics and life experience) trying their best to make a go of it to heal their deep inner longings...and sadly,failing.
A cautionary tale for trophy-boytoys (or trophy-girltoys) with an expiration date clearly stamped on their youthful allure....with the clock ticking and fresh meat waiting at the gilded front gate, ready to impress Big Daddy.
The two macho Hollywood A-list stars roll up their shirt sleeves, surrender every ounce of vanity and get down to work playing effete lovers under mountains of bedazzled costumes,frothy wigs, mascara, lipgloss  while lounging around in a palatially kitschy home and making entrances in customized (crystal encrusted of course!) luxury cars.
Rob Lowe is grotesque and very funny as the plastic surgeon on speed dial and Debbie Reynolds is, well...'Debbie Reynolds" as Mama Liberace.
Wonder if Johnny Depp wanted to be part of this bizarre household of frightening caricatures.
Unfortunately,their "love" story could use a stronger, more dramatic and unpredictable twist to be more entertaining once the ostrich feathers got put away.
Much of the showy lifestyle looks and feels like an 80's Versace Body Lotion (very late night) infomercial.

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