Friday, July 11, 2014

Diana Vreeland

The most famous fashion editor the world will never forget. Born around 1903, she worked at Harper's Bazaar from 1936 -1962 when she moved to edit Vogue from 1963 to 1971. She created the modern fashion magazine that reflected the current times and how young people looked, wanted to look and could look. Her theatrical persona enthralled the fashion world, who followed her lead, dreams and whims to a T.
It's remarkable that this 60 year old fashion and style enthusiast had the energy, stamina and open mindedness to embrace the dramatic shifts in popular culture, meet all the key players and promote their moment in history in the glossy pages of Vogue....when most citizens of her generation would probably want to avoid the noisy, self indulgent and hedonistic youth culture at all costs!lol
The Empress of Fashion died in 1989...and will never be replaced.

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