Monday, April 27, 2015

Bruce Jenner reveals his secret to Diane Sawyer

Many are struggling with coming to terms with how could such a spectacularly masculine, ruggedly handsome, photogenic, hero to millions and radiant athlete ( and who loves women) be so privately,seriously, conflicted deep inside about his gender identity.....proving that one truly cannot judge a book by it's cover. A historic  moment in American culture for sure: A star athlete in a culture where star athletes are worshipped and extraordinarily rewarded. It would be more interesting to hear from your average American macho sports fan and their reaction to this newsflash.
In the end, perhaps Bruce Jenner's role was to be the public individual who brought this specific issue to the front page and to millions of home discussions around the world. Educating the world on the big difference between sexual orientation and gender identity....and exposing the mysteries within our human lives.
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