Monday, October 14, 2013

Oh that naughty MR. FORD!

 Mr. Ford is hopelessly infatuated by the sexual revolution of the late 1970's Disco Era Sexual Liberation movement that pushed the limits of the hedonistic lifestyle to it's most extreme.
Studio 54 was ground zero for this drug fueled  and festive decadence until The Virus shut the party down and took the lives of many, many, stars of the New York Fashion & Art Scene.
Drenched in nostalgia, he enthusiastically celebrates the joys of pan-sexuality through his sizzling advertising campaigns, gleefully offending narrow-minded Americana....but selling alot of product!lol
He used a strong dose of sensuality to reboot the Gucci brand in the late 90's and got even bolder to promote his own brand of luxury accessories and fragrance, happily pushing the limits of sexual imagery in advertising. A master of PR indeed.

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