Saturday, October 26, 2013

Photographer Deborah Turbeville dies at 81.

Miss Turbeville infused her photographs with a sensitivity to female melancholy & romanticism that made her work from the early 70's thru to 2013 instantly recognizable. Her eye for elegance allowed her to portray the most dilapidated settings with an aura of beauty & tranquility through her unique photographic techniques which included physically distressing and damaging her precious negatives which elevated her prints to a higher artistic status.
 Her work clearly stood out in the field of male dominated fashion photography with their expected sharp focus technique and aggressively sexualized ideal of women.
 Her trademark style was a special haunting atmosphere that showcased her mysterious models, often more than the clothes.Men very rarely appeared alongside her women in these carefully staged  mini dramas.
For all her gloom and doom, High Glamour was never sacrificed, which tethered her work successfully and continually to Fashion's Idealism in spite of the introverted beauties who populated her fantasies.
Her signature compositions of multiple figures continue to bewitch in her latest ad campaign for Roman Couturier, Valentino, who also worked with her in the 70's.

VOGUE ITALIA Valentino Haute Couture by Deborah Turbeville. September 2012,, Image Amplified (5)

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