Monday, October 14, 2013

Woody Allen's masterpiece: INTERIORS.

I don't have the patience to tolerate the over intellectual subtly of Mr. Bergman's Swedish cerebral psychodramas but when Woody Allen wrote and directed INTERIORS in 1978, ( which I didn't see until the late 80's!) I was mesmerized by his "homage" to Bergman about a family in major emotional crisis.
It's my favorite Woody Allen film which is built around the spectacular performance by my favorite American actress, the unique Miss Geraldine Page. She plays an emotional wreck ( her specialty) of an interior designer with the most severe minimalist aesthetic. It's a masterclass in cinematic excellence with a strong supporting cast including the brilliant (& lovable!) Maureen Stapleton, who brings in a splash of much needed humour, warmth and color into this dysfunctional family.

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