Saturday, February 8, 2014

Artist Georgia O'Keeffe

One of the most regally elegant, beautiful  & independently spirited women ever to contribute to our collective visual experience of a true artist.
She lived a life in complete harmony with nature in her beloved New mexico, the primary subject that inspired her work. Experiencing  the overwhelming splendor of  Santa Fey and Albuquerque ( on a glorious road trip with T.J), it's easy to see why she built her remarkable nest there.
The endless land and sky can put one in a trance.
As Diana Vreeland  once uttered:  Elegance is Refusal.....Miss O'Keeffe's sensual simplicity is abundant evidence of that timeless philosophy.
In the 80's it inspired Calvin Klein to the point of having Bruce Weber shoot a portrait of him in her home...not an easy feat, considering what her opinion might have been regarding crass commercialism.
But they obviously charmed

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