Sunday, February 9, 2014

Football Star Michael Sam comes OUT!

The TRUTH does set one free....first the individual, the community, the country and then our world.
It's better for everyone when public figures make this kind of announcement with sincerity & guts. Especially gay men in non-stereotypical roles and jobs ( instead of the ridiculously predictable suspects!). We have to make it a safe and hospitable world for everyone to live out their dreams without a trace of shame and fear. And the more gay men who come out that homophobic straight men IDENTIFY with and ADMIRE, the BETTER! Boom! Sure it's gonna totally stress the haters out, but they'll just have to deal with the truth. Bravo to Defensive Linebacker Michael Sam!
Basketball star Jason Collins to be the first NBA player who is Out and Proud to be Gay...... right ON!

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