Tuesday, December 23, 2014

JFK Jr. A Tribute

It may never happen again: the most famous and glamorous woman in the world, Mrs. John F. Kennedy, bearing a magnificent Adonis of a son, John F. Kennedy Jr.
From the cute, mischievous little boy in the White House thru his frisky teens to being the suave man who created George magazine, JFK Jr. was an ideal in masculine beauty at every stage of his growth.
He shared his love of the outdoors and sports with his mother. whose dark haired, strong featured looks passed onto him beautifully. His dazzling photogenic-ness will be hard to surpass.
Unfortunately, like his father, President Kennedy, he met with tragedy which ended his life far too soon. His handsomeness will never be forgotten and his down to earth spirit will live on in the imagination of the world and continue to inspire.
B & WJohn F. Kennedy Jr as he salutes the flag during his father's funeral.Sweet..John F. Kennedy, Jr.JFKJrjohn f kennedy jr -- *heavy sigh* what a gorgeous man he was...died much too young...just like his father. jlsjfk jr shirtless photos | LA*SURFPUNK HOLLYWOOD: IN REMEMBRANCE: JOHN F. KENNEDY, JR.He was never without a pet to love.Google Image Result for http://abporter.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/img-hp-main-jfk-jr-gallery_150413851967.jpg%3Fw%3D161Remembering John F. Kennedy, Jr. | Reign MagazineJohn-John born John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. on November 25, 1960.The greatest love story the world has never known... In 1980 John and Abby met when she tripped over tree roots at Brown Univerity. The rest is well-hidden, extremely scandalous history. www.abbyphelps.com www.facebook.com/abigailphelpsseries www.amazon.com/author/bethanyturnerI would argue that JFK Jr. may be the most handsome man of all time.

It's amusing to think how strongly Mrs Kennedy-Onassis supported the Met Museum and produced a son with a classical physique to rival any one of those Greek Gods....
Talk about coming full circle!lol

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