Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ralph Lauren: Master Merchant

The ultimate master merchandiser, polishing the American Dream as an image of desire and fantasy ...and stocking shelves non-stop for 50 years, serving a global customer base, including the British Royals!
And who better to serve as the Brand Ambassador than the man himself? The perfect American dream of middle class to mogul class in a single generation! With a combination of hard work, timing( precisely when America was creating it's "Designer" celebs) and great luck....oh yeah, and the change of his name....a marketing GENIUS!lol
He started life in the Bronx, his artist father painted houses during lean times...and set an example of a work ethic that propelled Ralph all the way to the very top of his field.
Drive and an unwavering point of view are essential ingredients for brand recognition.  Mr. Lauren infused his image with traditional family values ( one long term marriage with 3 successful kids) that inspire most people, he took the sporty "American" look, dressed it up with Hollywood's Aristocratic cliches .... and BOOM!
He got customers!lol

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