Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Feral Beard trend.

Beards used to be associated with Wisdom and Authority...until those hipsters hijacked it and made it the latest trend in sex appeal....( without the wisdom and authority part!)lol
And like all trends, it's NOT for every man, unless he has the genetics to grow a full, thick, long beard, possesses the chiseled bone structure and piercing eyes to support the aesthetic.
Charleston Heston got that look right, back when he played Moses.
The hipster beard is also the polar opposite of the popular androgynous, gender neutral  movement in fashion, proving once again, there's always space for a counter movement....especially when it's been
embraced by the female to male transgender population.....the testosterone therapy allowing them to grow a full beard,,,much envied by non-furry biological males! Its a brave NEW world indeed!lol

delightful.That earring!awesomeI'll take whatever you make me, shaken not stirred..So gorgeousBeards. Men. The Look.

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